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Exhibits in hearings we are not a part of

  • 09 Jul 2014 10:01 AM
    Message # 3041683

    Is anyone else having to store, I guess is the word, exhibits in matters that you did not report?


    It's been a sore subject for me.  I think Janet feels the same way.  The Clerk's office just brings in these envelopes with exhibits and expects us to be the custodian of them.  I personally do not believe that is in the rules anywhere.  And it's bound to cause major confusion.  For example, yesterday they left me exhibits while I was out of my office to a matter that is nowhere on our calendar as we were in the second week of a two-week jury trial on the day they have as it occurring.  Unless Judge did the hearing after hours and it was never calendared (which I am 99.9 percent sure did not happen as I was usually the last one out the door every day), then it didn't happen.  I haven't followed up to find out if this is Judge James' case, although they have it labeled as Lavery's.


    I've never been happy about this, and have been very vocal about my opinion that I should not be the one to keep these exhibits, unless it's a matter I've reported.  But no one is listening to me.  Judge Ryckman agreed with me.  And I can't remember if I've had the conversation with Judge Lavery.  But it didn't matter.  After I told them Judge agreed I shouldn't have them, they continue to bring them, and I continue to file them in a file cabinet I have in my office according to the date they filestamp it.  I didn't know I was now the Clerk of the District Court.  Sorry if I'm being too snotty.  Just want to know what everyone else is doing.  If you all are doing this for your Clerk's, then I will quit letting them know how unhappy it makes me.

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