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Welcome to Wyoming

Wyoming Professional Court Reporters Association strives to provide accurate reporting in a professional manner.  Looking for a reporter?  Use our directory to find one in your area.  Wyoming is a large state linked by professionalism, friendship and integrity.  We welcome you to our organization and hope that you find this website to be a helpful resource.

President's Message
I really appreciate the confidence our members have in me to lead our organization for the next two years. 
We had a wonderful conference in Cody in September where we elected a new Board of Directors, adopted new Bylaws and discussed some wonderful ways to link our members across the miles of this great state.  With membership comes wonderful opportunities for communication, marketing, software training, seminars, networking and CEUs.  I encourage you to become involved, reach out to one another, let your voice be heard.  We are an association of strong-minded and professional men and women.  I am proud of that.  If we weren't, we wouldn't be able get anything done.  
Our skills are unique.  Being flexible with these skills opens up doors for our profession to ensure successful careers for all of us, whether you are an official reporter, a freelance reporter, realtime reporter or a CART writer. This Association inspires me to become a better reporter, and I hope it does you as well.  
I look forward to our time together!
~ Tara France

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